Internet security, privacy protection, web safety, webdesign

Is your computer a “slow starter” ?

Is the machine humming a lot, while nothing much happens on your screen ?

Angry man Cartoon 1Weird, unexpected things occur, out of your control.

Desperate ? Do you want to throw your laptop out of the window ?

Internet safety & privacy protectionOMG…. People in your address book begin asking why you are sending strange e-mails to them …….. and you feel pretty embarrassed.

Or worse :

Your hosting provider warns you that you’re spreading enormous amounts of Email ( “spam”), probably caused by a bot-net in your device or network.

telephone cartoon 5Upon starting your browser, you discover an unexpected home page or a new tool bar, which you do not remember installing …. WTF is this ?

In these cases something is definitely wrong and you can find a lot of answers and information here. Need help ? Start reading more……

The intention of this website is to spread the word about internet security, safe surfing, good webdesign, privacy protection on the internet and how to weapon yourself against all kinds of threats and dangers on the World Wide Web ( the new “wild west”).

Computer security, web safety, privacy protection, web design

Just to mention some : >> >

( All the underlined will be linked to provide an explanation, just click on the – blue – words )

adware,                   backdoors                    blended threats,

botnets,                   browser exploits,        fraud,

identity theft,        keyloggers                 malware,

phishing,                 pop-ups                       ransomware,

riskware,                  rootkits,                        spam and junk mail,

spyware,                  trojan horses,               viruses,

worms,                     clickjacking,                 framekillers,

macros,                    DDoS Attacks,

Nigerian 419 exploits ,       various scams ,       warez websites,

And there’s more, like : dataloggers, pop-unders, online tracking, work from home scams, LSO’s ( a.k.a. super cookies), grass roots marketing/spammers, illegal pharma scams, E-mail hoaxes, forex exchange/frauds and E-tags (very powerful tracker cookies that can break through your privacy measures).

Computer support fantasy keyOn the  NEWS PAGE  you can find frequent blogs. I publish there every time I find something useful related to internet safety ( and more ), which supports you in having a safe web experience.

Finally :

Our society depends on the internet these days. But it’s a hungry beast, swallowing information constantly. From Facebook to phishing spam, from Linkedin to online tracking and from the Google monster to hackers using e.g. keyloggers. You name it ! Everywhere, really everywhere information about you and me is gathered and stored. Just imagine that Google – and most likely Facebook too – have made a profile of you, even without you knowing that and having an account there.

Google – and many others – grab everyting and forget nothing !!!! Scary huh ? Well then, don’t surf “willy nilly” on the web and do something against that…….

Web Of Trust excellent website  I hope this website will contribute to safe(r) surfing and more. The fight goes on, let me help you …….. Have fun reading !


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