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When it comes to security add-ons for your browser, WOT ( Web of Trust ) is one of the first to install on your computer(s).  It provides a dead simple way to help users avoid dangerous websites.  Once installed the WOT places a colour coded icon next to web links (e.g. on Google result pages). Green is safe, Yellow is questionable and Red is bad and / or dangerous.  Don’t click the red links!  Oh no, you already clicked it ?!?  No worries, WOT cuts you a break and posts a warning page before serving up any Red sites, giving you a second chance to avoid these disreputable locations.  * But only if the “Block” option is enabled ( it’s disabled by default ! ).

For instance it avoids infection from a known malware site after failing to recognize that as a phishing scam in a Facebook message. It also warns for dangerous fake websites with hidden links and much more.

The add-on works with all major browsers, including IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Go to : >> > and install it today!

Look for a tutorial on how to install and get the most out of WOT !

Info at : >> >

Examples :

Web Of Trust screen

WOT warning screen :

Web Of Ttust warning screen

You can see how WOT works, why it works and how reliability is guaranteed : >> > HERE 

And read an interesting interview with a WOT staff member by Opera software in 2013 : >> > BLOG – interview


Additional WOT – Info

I,ve received some questions about the Web Of Trust and why it’s promoted on this site. Apparantly the information on this W.O.T. info page make people ask questions. So here’s some more explanation.

Is WOT a trustworthy tool ?

Good question.

The answer is “YES”, but only up to a certain extent. The WOT is an excellent tool for helping Web surfers determine how safe or reliable a web site might be. However, there are many sites – both old and new – that members of the WOT have not yet examined or rated. So while the WOT can be extremely helpful, it should not be your only means of evaluating a Web site.

YOU ! are your the best defense against malicious Web sites. Err on the side of caution and be ever vigilant. And if you find a site that looks or feels suspicious, the WOT forum provides you with a means to voice those concerns.

Remember that the best defense against bad sites is working to keep your computer up-to-date with Windows Update and updated Anti-Virus software at all times. This, in combination with the installation of WOT, will help to  keep your computer experiences safe. Remember to back up your data at least bi-monthly to monthly !

However, there are still things that can happen from time to time, using WOT isn’t a guarantee on 100% safety, so use your instincts and best judgments BEFORE you go to sites. If something looks strange or out of place, don’t go there !

If WOT has given a green rating to a site that you know should be red, review and comment on the site as to why it should be Red. Tell the WOT community about it in the forums. Request that they review a site if something is wrong in your opinion. With over 100 million members there will always be some who are willing to take a look at it.

Web Of Trust community

That’s the power of the crowd !

Working together like this, we can all share our experiences with WOT, and use this knowledge to have a safe and secure on-line environment, now and in the future.

The Web Of Trust has published a blog about internet trends for 2016 and beyond, very interesting to read.

Link >> > Crowdsourced Security: What It Is & Why You Should Participate ? “

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Be safe out there!


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