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You can reach me in two ways :

1 – On the board of my profile at Web Of Trust to leave a personal message >> > POST HERE ( link ).

For that you need to be registered on Web Of Trust. The manual to do that can be found on the website of W.O.T.

** I check the message board on my W.O.T. profile daily, so don’t worry, I’ll see that.


No SPAM logo2 – Or you can contact me on the contactform that leads to my special mailbox for this website ( and Web Of Trust activities ).

** I also check my mailbox frequently.

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About the site – tech ( March 2014) :

For a long time I had the desire to create my own platform in addition to my WOT activities and – profile, with the intention to publish about internet safety, privacy protection and more.

Some facts ( site-tech ) :
1 – The site is an upgrade to a “dot-com” domain from a “wordpress-dot-com” blog / domain.
2 – I’ve bought extra server space with this upgrade to be able to expand the site in the future. That premium service includes NO advertisements and NO pop – ups. This site has no commercial purpose, is only informative and driven by idealism to protect our beloved www.
3 – I’ve chosen an easy to read theme ( Customized Ryu ) which is much used by bloggers. This theme keeps it calm and peaceful on screen, hence easy to read, but the possibilities are somewhat limited. E.g. the amount of pages is small ( enough for me at the moment ) and subpages are impossible. In fact this website is a hybrid between a blog ( usually one page ) and a multi paged website based on a more complex theme.
4 – Widgets can only be placed in the top panel when using this theme, hence there are no footer or sidebars possible. To me that’s fine, all the clutter on screen makes it unpleasant. FYI : I,ve switched off all widgets, don’t use them at the moment.
5 – Because a footer is missing in the chosen theme, I’ve combined all juridical fuzz in the page “Terms & Conditions”.
6 – On the “Home”page you can see a “search key” in top ( black, in the middle ) and a black dot / circle on the right. Those WordPress features are placed in the Customized Ryu theme and I can’t remove them. The black dot contains the software that leads to <head> and <body> tags and is dynamically inserted between the closing </head> tag and opening <body> tag when the page is loaded. I’ve been searching to the bottom to find out how this can be removed, but it appears to be hardcoded. So I,ve given up, not really a big issue IMO.
7 – The page “Spams / Scams / News blog” will grow out to some kind of news page / blog with various short stories about internet dangers and such. *It seemed a funny page title to me.
8 – All links on the site lead to an external tab / page to make it easy to return to my site and pick up the story you were reading again.
9 – I’ve mentioned the site on my WOT profile :
10 – Special thanks to some WOT members who also have a site of their own about internet safety and were asked by me to check my site in advance They gave very useful advices and support, for which I’m thankful !


About me ( Peter ), webmaster and site owner :

I’m an internet safety activist and e.g. a top level member on Web Of Trust ( Platinum ). Active on W.O.T. since 2009.

But also writing blogs and articles about internet safety and privacy protection. And sometimes I’ve posted on other safety related websites too.

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I wanted to centralize and expand my activities for a safe(r) web and hence I’ve started building this website by February 2014

In daily life I’m a plant breeder with a very international focus and I was a volunteer fire fighter.

I’m proud to be decorated for my activities in fire fighting ( and elsewhere ) by the former Dutch queen Beatrix as “Member in the Order of Oranje – Nassau” ( = my avatar in the header ).

Besides that I’m holder of the Dutch Royal volunteers medal (XXV), holder of the Dutch Silver fire brigade cross (XXV), holder of the Fleuroselect “Gold Medal” for extraordinary results in plant – and cut flower breeding and honored by Web Of Trust with the “Publicity Award 2010” for outstanding activities to promote W.O.T.

My philosophy :

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* Note : For the reason of recognition I’m using the same avatar here as I do on my W.O.T. profile / message board.


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